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Microsemi Libero Licensing Scheme Print

Microsemi has updated its Libero licensing scheme for the SmartFusion2 family of devices. Specifically, as applicable to the Emcraft SmartFusion2 System-On-Modules (SOM) and Starter Kits, the new licensing scheme will be as follows:

  • SmartFusion2 devices of density less than 25K LE can be used with the Libero Silver License, available from Microsemi for free. This applies to the following Emcraft SmartFusion2 System-On-Modules and Starter Kits: M2S005, M2S010, M2S025.
  • SmartFusion2 devices of density 25K LE or above require a paid Gold License from Microsemi. However, the following exceptions will apply for the M2S050 and M2S060 devices:

    • The Gold License will be provided by Microsemi for free on purchase of the M2S050 and M2S060 Starter Kits (Microsemi part numbers: SF2-STARTER-KIT and SF2060-STARTER-KIT, respectively) directly from Microsemi.
    • For customers who purchase the above two Starter Kits directly from Emcraft, availability of the free license will be decided by Microsemi on a case-to-case basis depending upon the customer specific business case. Customers who would like to apply for the free license, please email SoC.licensing @microsemi.com and fill in the request form at:
    • Free licenses will be given by Microsemi with a Starter Kit purchase but not with a SOM purchase.
  • SmartFusion2 M2S090 System-On-Module and Starter Kit will unconditionally require purchasing the Gold License from Microsemi.