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This is the Linux BSP (Board Support Package) for the NXP i.MX RT1050 EVK board.

The BSP provides a software development environment for evaluation and development of Linux (uClinux) on the Cortex-M7 processor core of the  i.MX RT1050 microcontroller using the NXP i.MX RT1050 EVK board as a hardware platform.

Supported Features

The following list summarizes the features and capabilities of this release of the NXP i.MX RT1050 EVK BSP:

  • Linux:
    • Kernel v.5.15.71;
    • Serial Linux console;
    • Ethernet device driver and Linux TCP/IP networking (ping, NFS, Telnet, FTP, NTPD, etc);
    • Clock driver;
    • pinctrl
    • I2C driver;
    • MMC/SD driver;
    • USB High Speed driver (Host and Gadget modes);
    • (PAID ADD-ON) QSPI Flash driver;
    • (PAID ADD-ON) ADC driver;
    • (PAID ADD-ON) CAN bus driver;
    • busybox v1.35.0;
    • POSIX pthreads;
    • Hardened exception handling; an exception triggered by a process affects only the offending process;
    • MPU user-level protection support;
    • GPIO device driver.
  • U-Boot firmware:
    • U-Boot v2022.04;
    • Target initialization from power-on / reset;
    • Serial console;
    • Ethernet driver for loading images to the target;
    • Clock driver;
    • pinctrl driver;
    • Device driver for MMC/SD Card;
    • Autoboot feature, allowing boot of OS images from the SD Card;
    • Persistent environment in the SD Card for customization of target operation;
    • Sophisticated command interface for maintenance and development of the target.
  • Development tools:
    • Linux-hosted cross-development environment;
    • 11.3 GNU toolchain is used for development of user-space applications;
    • ELF / dynamic linking supported;
    • Hardware FPU enabled in the toolchain and kernel;
    • mkimage tool used by the Linux kernel build process to create a bootable Linux image.

New and Changed Features

The following is a summary of the changes in Release 3.0.1, as compared to Release 3.0.0:

  1. Support CAN in Linux.
    RM 6860.
  2. Develop ADC driver.
    RM 6891.
  3. Simplify the procedure for creating a USB gadget using a dedicated script in the rootfs project.
    RM 6863.
  4. Move description of the lpi2c1 node from rootfs.dts.IMXRT105X_NXPEVK to linux/arch/arm/boot/dts/imxrt1050.dtsi.
    RM 6890.
  5. Avoid warnings during rootfs project build.
    RM 6893.

Known Problems & Limitations

This section lists known problems and limitations of this release:

  1. dropbear crashes after exiting from the ssh session to rt1024.
    RM 6769.
    Workaround: Restart dropbear by performing the dropbear -R command on the target.
  2. gcc 11.3: gdbserver crashes when attempting to start remote debugging.
    RM 6821.
    Workaround: None.