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Release 1.12.2 of Linux Cortex-M

Release 1.12.2 of Linux Cortex-M is now available. Here is what’s new:

  • uClinux BSP for the Emcraft Kinetis K70/K61 SOM Starter Kit:
    • Support to Linux low-power mode on Kinetis (suspend-to-RAM);
    • Starting Release 1.12.2, the kit will use Rev 2A of the TWR-K70-SOM-BSB baseboard.
  • Linux BSP for the Emcraft Vybrid VF6 SOM Starter Kit:
    • Support for NAND Flash, in addition to the already supported QSPI Flash;
    • Optimized Linux boot time and performance from NAND Flash;
    • Ability to load and run MQX on the Cortex-M4 processor core from U-Boot, facilitating early start of real-time code;
    • Ability to display static "splash image" (.bmp logo file) on a connected LCD from U-Boot very early in boot process;
    • Various enhancements and defect fixes.

Here is the list of enhancements and defect-fixes in Release 1.12.2:

  • Allow debugging of multi-threaded applications on Cortex-M (ID: RT 77243);
  • Support suspend-to-RAM in Kinetis Linux (ID: RT 79435);
  • Develop TWR-K70-SOM-BSB Rev 2A (ID: RT 87225);
  • Optimize NAND to DDR copy time in U-boot for VF6 SOM (ID: RT 88666);
  • Provide ability to load MQX onto Cortex-M4 from U-Boot (ID: RT 89985);
  • Linux VF6: copy-pasting arbitrary text to console causes kernel crash (ID: RT 91033);
  • Resolve defect: Enabling GPIOLIB interrupts crashes the kernel if SD Card is enabled on Kinetis (ID: RT 91947);
  • Migrate to the NAND Flash and run Cortex-A5 at 500 MHz (ID: RT 92729);
  • Resolve defect: It is not possible to mount a JFFS2 file system on NAND Flash (ID: RT 96337);
  • MAC address is not passed from U-Boot to Linux (ID: RT 93076);
  • Resolve defect: U-boot hangs in an infinite loop on Vybrid PLL2/1 status check (ID: RT 93236);
  • Port the U-boot splash image and the Linux framebuffer driver to LCD-ADDON (ID: RT 93274);
  • Fix improper handling of bits in I2C Control and Status registers (ID: RT 93346);
  • Add an ifnarch command to the initramfs spec syntax (ID: RT 93386);
  • Optimize busybox build for Vybrid VF6 (ID: RT 93464);
  • Linux Cortex-M:uclibc:Implement pthreads locking using ldrex/strex (ID: RT 93564);
  • Add support for the Micrel KSZ8863 Ethernet PHY to U-Boot (ID: RT 94867);
  • Develop an Apple MFi demo for the VF6 SOM (ID: RT 95248);
  • Add ALSA libraries and utilities to Linux Cortex-M (ID: RT 95693);
  • Disable EZPORT in U-Boot on Kinetis (ID: RT 95769);
  • Resolve defect: It is not possible to mount a JFFS2 file system on NAND Flash (ID: RT 96337);
  • Add i2ctools to Linux Cortex-M (ID: RT 96343);
  • Develop an SOM-BSB-VF6-IOT-EXT board (ID: RT 96601);
  • Develop Linux device driver for Kinetis on-chip RTC (ID: RT 97149);
  • Make the Kinetis SD Card driver detect SD Card from first attempt (ID: RT 98225);
  • Migrate to TWR-K70-SOM-BSB rev 2A in Kinetis SOM Starter Kit (ID: RT 98612).