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The A2F-LNX-EVB kit is now available for one-time educational price of $49 for remaining stock. Availability is limited.



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Emcraft develops production-ready System-On-Modules (SOMs) using leading-edge Cortex-M microcontrollers and Cortex-A microprocessors. Our modules are the solution to your high-reliability, low-power and long product life-cycle requirements.

All our modules come with a Starter Kit as well as production-ready software developed and maintained by Emcraft's Linux and RTOS experts.

The following System-On-Modules are available:



Kinetis K70


STM32F7 kernel v4.2


Kinetis K61

i.MX 6SoloX New

STM32F4 kernel v4.2


Linux BSPs


Linux BSPs

Emcraft develops Linux (uClinux) BSPs (Board Support Packages) and software distribution for select third-party development and evaluation boards.

These BSPs provide an easy and cost-efficient way to evaluate uClinux on higher-end Cortex-M3/M4/M7 microcontrollers.

The following BSPs are available:



STM32F746G Discovery


STM32F4 Discovery



Best Sellers



Combining the 216MHz STM32F7 (Cortex-M7) with 32MB SDRAM, 16MB NOR Flash and Ethernet PHY on a miniature PWB, the STM32F7 System-On-Module is priced as low as $27 in cost-optimised configurations (pricing for volume orders).

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Vybrid VF6/VF5 SOM LC

The Vybrid VF6/VF5 SOM LC ("Low Cost") is a cost-optimised configuration of the Emcraft Vybrid System-On-Module. Pricing for the Vybrid SOM LC starts at $31.

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  • Technology Highlights

Connecting STM32F7 to Internet over GSM Modem

Read this application note to learn how to connect the STM32F7 to the Internet over GSM modem in Linux. ... Read more

Playing Audio in Linux on the NXP Vybrid

This application note describes how to play audio in Linux running on the Cortex-A5 processor core of the Vybrid VF6 microprocessor. ... Read more

Transferring Files from and to STM32F7 Using Bluetooth

This application note describes how to use the Linux Bluetooth stack to allow transferring files between the STM32F7 and a smartphone, notebook or PC host over Bluetooth. ... Read more

Connecting STM32F7 to Internet over WiFi

This application note tells how to connect the STM32F7 to the Internet over WiFi. ... Read more

Accessing SPI Devices in Linux on the Kinetis K70 / K61

This application note explains how to access SPI devices from Linux user-space in the so called "raw SPI mode" using the Linux SPIDEV interface. ... Read more

Connecting STM32F7 to Host and Internet using USB RDNIS

This application note explains how to configure the STM32F7 as the USB Ethernet Gadget connected to the USB PC over the USB OTG High-Speed link. ... Read more

Low Power Mode on STM32F7

Read this application note to learn how to switch the STM32F7 running Linux to the Linux "suspend-in-RAM" mode. When in suspend, the entire STM32F7 System-On-Module consumes as little as 2mA @ 3.3V, at the same time allowing immediate wake-up from events on various I/O interfaces. ... Read more

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