Release 1.10.1 of Emcraft's Linux Cortex-M

Release 1.10.1 of Linux Cortex M is now available. Here is what’s new:

  • Improve boot-up time of network-enabled configurations in Linux Cortex-M3/M4 for all BSPs;
  • GPIO device driver for Linux STM32F2/F4;
  • Allow updating the entire 2MB of eNVM in U-boot for STM32F4;
  • SPI device driver for Linux LPC4350.

Resolve the following defects for SF2-DEV-KIT:

  • Ethernet interface doesn't work under U-boot and uClinux (ID: RT 82124);
  • The sf erase U-Boot command doesn't support arbitrary range (ID: RT 85334).

Active customers of Linux Cortex-M are invited to download Release 1.10.1 from the Emcraft web site.

For new customers, Linux Cortex-M 1.10.1 is available for immediate purchase on-line: