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Conditions of use and legal restrictions

Attention: before using this site read carefully the following conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions). Your use of this site (hereinafter termed the Site) constitutes your acceptance of the Conditions. You should not use the Site if you do not agree with the Conditions.

The Conditions shall be applied and construed with applicable legislation of Russian Federation.

Use of the Site

The Site of Emcraft Systems (“Emcraft”) contains information, documents, software, graphics and other images (collectively termed “materials”) subject to exclusive copyright and/or intellectual property rights and/or constituting the property of Emcraft.

The Site may also contain other materials subject to exclusive copyright and/or intellectual property rights and/or constituting the property of third parties, rightfully used by Emcraft.

The conditions for use of Emcraft’s software placed on the Site are governed by the present Conditions, Regulations for use of Emcraft software contained in the section of the Site, and/or terms and conditions of the agreements concluded by Emcraft and software users.

The following conditions for use of the materials of the Site apply to the use of software inasmuch as they don’t contradict the Regulations for use of Emcraft software presented on the Site.

Emcraft allows you to browse and download materials from the Site solely for personal non-commercial use.

You are not allowed to alter the materials of the Site, or reproduce, distribute or use them in any other way for community, commercial or any other purposes other than personal non-commercial use. Any use of the materials of the Site on other sites or computer networks is prohibited. Materials on the Site are protected by copyright, and any unlawful use of them will engage your responsibility under applicable laws.

In case of violation of any provision of the Conditions your right to use this Site is automatically terminated, and you have to immediately destroy all materials downloaded or printed from the Site.

Disclaimer of liability

Emcraft makes no claims of suitability of the materials published on the Site for any purpose whatsoever. All the materials are presented “as is” with no warranties. Emcraft disclaims any warranty or representation with respect to the said materials, including implied warranty of merchantability and fitness of the materials for their intended purpose or for any particular purpose whatsoever.

Under no circumstances shall Emcraft be liable for losses incurred from use, impossibility to use, or results of use of the Site, any other sites referring to this Site, or materials, information and services offered by any such site.

Emcraft’s obligations with respect to its products and services are limited to the agreements under which they are supplied, and no statement on the Site may be construed so as to supersede and/or modify such agreements.

Emcraft does not warrant any text or graphical information, links or other content of the materials presented on the Site to be exact and complete. Emcraft may at any time without prior warning make changes in the said materials as well as in the products described by them. Emcraft

User information

Emcraft does not use the Site to obtain confidential or personal information about the users. Any materials, data and other information (hereinafter termed as “Information”) transmitted to this Site will be assumed not to be confidential and not to contain any personal information. Emcraft assumes no obligation with respect to the Information. Emcraft and its staff may freely copy, disclose, distribute, include into other products and otherwise use the Information and all data, images, sounds, texts, etc. contained therein, for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

It is prohibited to place and load on the Site any materials of illegal, threatening, libelous, offensive, indecent, pornographic or any other nature violating applicable laws.

Chats and other user forums

Emcraft may, but is not obligated to, conduct monitoring and accounting of any areas of the Site where users place their Information and communicate with each other, including, but no limited to, chats, bulletin boards and other forums, and monitor the content of such Information. However, Emcraft bears no liability for the content of such Information, even if it contains legally punishable violations of copyright or confidentiality, or libelous, indecent and other illegal information. Emcraft reserves the right to delete messages which are, in Emcraft’s opinion, libelous, indecent or otherwise unacceptable.

Links to sites of other companies

Links to sites of other companies are given on the site solely for users’ convenience. By using any of these links, you are leaving the Site. Emcraft does not check the sites of other companies, does not manage them, and is not responsible for these sites and their content. Therefore, Emcraft makes no endorsement or assessment of such sites or information, software and other products contained on them, as well as possible results of their use. You are fully responsible for the use of sites of other companies linked to from this Site.

Links to the Site

Links to the Site may be placed on other sites as long as they are in strict compliance with the following terms and conditions.

The site containing links to the Site should comply with the following conditions: Emcraft’s materials may only be linked to, reproduction of the materials is not permitted.

No environment or enclosure can be created around Emcraft’s materials using the capabilities of the browser or any other software.

It is prohibited to create an impression of Emcraft’s support and/or endorsement of the products or services of the site owner.

It is prohibited to present information about Emcraft’s products or service which is false, offensive, or capable of damaging the business reputation of Emcraft or causing other harm to Emcraft.

It is prohibited to use Emcraft’s logo without Emcraft’s permission.

Miscellaneous provisions

Except as permitted by this document, no materials contained on the Site or part thereof may be reproduced in any form and by any means without prior written authorization from Emcraft.

Emcraft may at any time modify these Conditions by updating this document. Users are advised to visit this page periodically to be aware of the latest version of the Conditions, as they govern the relationships between users and Emcraft.