Kinetis K70 System-On-Module


  • K70 or K61 at up to 150Mhz
  • 64MB LPDRAM+128MB NAND Flash
  • Ethernet PHY
  • Optimized for low power
  • uClinux ready

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SmartFusion System-On-Module


  • A2F200 or A2F500 at up to 100MHz
  • 16MB PSRAM+16MB NOR Flash
  • Ethernet PHY
  • 99 uncomitted FPGA GPIO
  • uClinux ready

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Release 1.7.0 of Emcraft's Linux Cortex-M

New in this release:

  • Linux Board Support Package (BSP) for the STMicroelectronics STM3240G-EVAL Board;
  • Various drivers, enhancements, and defect fixes.

The following list summarizes the new features and defect fixes in Release 1.7.0:

  • Linux LPC17XX BSP, Linux LPC18XX, Linux LPC43XX BSP:

    - Avoid DMA underruns with SD Card in LPC1788 Linux (ID: RT 79008).
  • Linux STM32F2 BSP, Linux STM32F4 BSP:

    - Port U-Boot and Linux to the STM3240G-EVAL board (ID: RT 76276);
    - Implement set_termios() in the STM32 USART driver (ID: RT 79297).
  • Linux SmartFusion BSP:

    - Allow configuring number and location of buffers in Linux Ethernet driver on SmartFusion (ID: RT 78908);
    - Rename CONFIG_HOSTNAME for the SmartFusion SOM. (ID: RT 78940).
  • Linux Kinetis BSP:

    - Resolve defect: serial driver may lose characters in Linux Kinetis (ID: RT 76540);
    - Support the touchscreen on the TWR-LCD-RGB in Linux Kinetis K70 (ID: RT 78855);
    - Support all UART ports in Linux Kinetis (ID: RT 79058);
    - Use the 12MHz external oscillator for a PLL clock source on the K70-SOM
    (ID: RT 78855);
    - Support the LCD panel NL8048BC19-02 in Linux Kinetis (ID: RT 79212)

Active customers of Linux Cortex-M are invited to download Release 1.7.0 from the Emcraft web site at:

For new customers, Linux Cortex-M 1.7.0 is available for immediate purchase on-line: