SmartFusion System-on-Module (SOM)

The SmartFusion SOM is an Emcraft Systems' compact (30 mm x 57 mm) mezzanine module based on the SmartFusion cSoC from Microsemi Corporation. The SmartFusion cSoC combines a 100 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor core with integrated hard-IP I/O peripherals, powerful FPGA fabric, and programmable analog blocks in a single chip. By providing the SmartFusion cSoC with 16 MB PSRAM, 16 MB NOR Flash and an Ethernet PHY on a single module, the SmartFusion SOM is ready for integration into embedded designs that require a sophisticated FPGA together with an ARM microcontroller.

The SmartFusion SOM specifically targets embedded system designers who would like to use the SmartFusion cSoC in their applications but have no resources or capability to integrate the sophisticated FG484 FPGA device into a custom design. The SmartFusion SOM is intended to make it easy, quick, and cost-effective for embedded system designers to start using the Microsemi SmartFusion cSoC in their applications.


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SmartFusion SOM Demonstrations Download Version #
SmartFusion System-On-Module: Shell, Networking and Journalling Flash File system Jun 13, 2012

Starter Kit


SmartFusion Starter Kit

Not recommended for new designs


The SmartFusion System-On-Modules have been obsoleted by Emcraft. Although we still supply the SmartFusion SOMs to existing customers, we no longer sell the SmartFusion Starter Kits. Contact Emcraft for additional information.

The SmartFusion SOM starter kit (KIT-A2F-BSB) provides a low-cost ($179) hardware platform enabling development of embedded applications using the Microsemi SmartFusion cSoC and Emcraft's SmartFusion System-On-Module (SOM). The kit includes the SmartFusion System-on-Module itself, a SOM-BSB development baseboard, and a mini-USB cable for USB-based power and serial console.Note that that kit does not include a Microsemi FlashPro device or any other JTAG hardware debuggers.

The baseboard is 70x95 mm in size and has the following main interfaces:

  • USB interface using USB-UART bridge connected to UART of the SmartFusion
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface and RJ-45 connector
  • JTAG interfaces
  • User LEDs and push-button
  • Unused SOM signals available on a breadboard area. Additionally, the breadboard area provides a 25x8 2mm pitch unconnected through-holes array for user prototyping.


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The Linux BSP and the development environment as well as a sample
Libero / SoftConsole project targeting the SmartFusion SOM starter kit are available for free download from Emcraft's web site. Each starter kit comes preloaded with uClinux and U-Boot.



SmartFusion SOM Software Resources

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Here you will find software, documentation, and various demonstrations describing the use of the SmartFusion SOM.

Emcraft emphasizes Linux (uClinux) as an operating system for the SmartFusion cSoC. All SmartFusion System-On-Modules come preloaded with uClinux and U-Boot. Full source code of the Linux BSP is provided for free download, along with a Linux cross-development environment. Both U-Boot and uClinux are royalty-free.

For those customers who would like to use the SmartFusion cSoC with an RTOS or even "bare-metal" firmware, Emcraft provides a full SmartFusion SOM Libero and SoftConsole "Hello, world" demo project ready to run on the SmartFusion System-On-Module. That project is designed to kick-start RTOS or firmware development using the SmartFusion SOM.

If you would like to ask any question about the SmartFusion SOM software architecture, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SmartFusion SOM Resources Download Version #
Release Files
Emcraft Systems SmartFusion SOM Starter Kit Guide 1.13.0
Feb 20, 2015
Linux Cortex-M User's Manual 1.13.0
Feb 20, 2015
SmartFusion SOM Linux Board Support Package (BSP) and software development environment
(requires registration and login)
Feb 20, 2015
GNU toolchain for uClinux Cortex-M3/M4 2010q1
Prebuilt Linux image ready to be loaded to the SmartFusion SOM
(requires registration and login)
Feb 20, 2015
Libero .pdb file with the U-Boot image embedded, ready for installation onto the SmartFusion SOM using the FlashPro
(requires registration and login)
Feb 20, 2015
SmartFusion SOM Libero and SoftConsole "Hello, world" demo project
(requires registration and login)
Feb 20, 2015
SmartFusion SOM: Shell, networking and journalled Flash filesystem
Dec 11, 2012
Application Notes
Running a SoftConsole "Hello, World!" project on the SmartFusion starter kit
Feb 18, 2013
Using DHCP client in U-Boot for loading Linux images via network
Nov 19, 2014
Setting the stack size for a user-space application
Dec 11, 2012
Remote Debugging with GDB
Oct 9, 2013
Understanding what causes SEGV in an application
July 25, 2013
Building multi-threaded applications
July 25, 2013
Building C++ applications
Apr 11, 2014
Accessing I2C devices from user-space applications
Dec 11, 2012
Adding secure copy and secure shell clients to uClinux
Sep 26, 2014
Building iptables for Cortex-M based targets
Aug 13, 2013
Installing a bootable Linux image to the target board
Oct 2, 2013
Building a sample project and installing it to the target board
Oct 3, 2013
External Resources
Windows device driver for the USB/UART chip

Windows TFTP server

How to set up NFS

O'Reilly's "Linux Device Drivers"

Joseph Yiu's "Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3"



SmartFusion SOM Hardware Resources


Here you will find hardware specifications, design files and various hardware materials describing the SmartFusion System-On-Module and the Starter Kit.

Out goal is to make design of custom baseboards for the SmartFusion SOM as easy and cost-efficient as only possible. If you believe that some materials that you require to integrate the SmartFusion SOM into your product are missing, or if you would like to ask any question about the SmartFusion SOM hardware architecture, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SmartFusion SOM Resources Download Version # Date
SmartFusion SOM Photographs
SmartFusion SOM top view 1A
Dec 11, 2012
SmartFusion SOM bottom view 1A
Dec 11, 2012
SmartFusion SOM being plugged into SOM-BSB baseboard
Dec 11, 2012
High-Level Diagrams
SmartFusion SOM high-level diagram 1A
Dec 11, 2012
SOM-BSB baseboard high-level diagram 1A
Dec 11, 2012
Hardware Documentation
SmartFusion System-On-Module (SOM) hardware architecture specification 1.5
Apr 16, 2018
SmartFusion System-On-Module (SOM) environmental specification 1A
May 28, 2015
SmartFusion System-On-Module (SOM) RoHS certificate 1A
Oct 8, 2018
SOM-BSB baseboard hardware architecture specification 1.2
Jan 12, 2015
Hardware Materials
SmartFusion SOM symbol and footprint (Altium Designer)
(requires registration and login)
Feb 20, 2015
SOM-BSB schematics
(requires registration and login)
Dec 11, 2012
SOM-BSB Bill-Of-Materials (BOM)
(requires registration and login)
Dec 11, 2012
SOM-BSB mechanical drawing
(requires registration and login)
Apr 1, 2013



Ordering Info

The SmartFusion System-On-Module is $62 in 1k unit quantities for the A2F200 SOM; from $67 per unit for the A2F500 SOM.

The SmartFusion System-On-Modules make use of Commercial, Standard-Grade A2F devices. Industrial or Grade-1 SmartFusion SOM can be built by Emcraft for orders of 100+ units.

The SmartFusion System-On-Modules are available for immediate shipment from Emcraft Systems. Please contact Emcraft to get a detailed quote.

Please note also that the following terms apply to all sales of System-On-Modules by Emcraft:

  • All orders require full prepayment.
  • Stocked items ship within 1-2 days of receipt of payment; otherwise, please assume 6 weeks lead time. Contact Emcraft Systems to find out about lead times for your specific order.
  • Non-standard configurations can be ordered only in specified minimal purchase increments (typically, 100 pieces). Refer to the pricelist to find out the minimal purchase volume for your specific configuration. Blanks in pricelist cells indicate that a corresponding module can not be ordered in a corresponding volume.









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