STM32H7 System-On-Module


The Emcraft Systems STM32H7 System-On-Module (SOM) is a compact
(30.5mm x 40.5 mm) solderable module that combines the ST STM32H750 processor (480MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7) with up to 64MB SDRAM, 128MB QSPI NAND Flash and optional 64KB EEPROM on a single board. The SOM is built onto (SMT-mounted upon) a carrier board using 120 castellated edge mounting holes (1.27 mm pitch).

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The following is the high-level diagram of the STM32H7 SOM:

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Emcraft develops and maintains FreeRTOS software BSP for the STM32H7 System-On-Module.


Starter Kit


STM32H7 SOM Starter Kit

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The STM32H7 SOM Starter Kit provides a hardware platform enabling development of applications using the Emcraft STM32H7 module. The kit includes the folowing items:

  • STM32H7 SOM module (64MB SDRAM), soldered (installed) onto the development baseboard (item below)
  • Development baseboard (STM32H7-BSB)
  • LCD add-on board with LCD panel (4.3" 480x272 LCD with capacitive touchscreen)
  • Mini-USB cable for USB-based power and serial console.

Here is the bottom view of the kit:

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The following is the high-level block diagram of the development baseboard (STM32H7-BSB):

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Here is the top (LCD) view of the kit:

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Hardware Resources


Here you will find hardware specifications, design files and various hardware materials describing the STM32H7 System-On-Module and the Starter Kit.

If you would like to ask any question about the kit hardware architecture, please do not hesitate to contact us.


STM32H7 SOM Resources Download Version # Date
STM32H7 SOM top view 1A
Dec 9, 2019
STM32H7 SOM bottom view 1A
Dec 9, 2019
STM32H7 SOM soldered view 1A
Dec 9, 2019
STM32H7 SOM high-level diagram 1A
Sep 18, 2020
STM32H7-BSB high-level diagram 1A
Dec 8, 2020
Hardware Documentation
STM32H7 SOM hardware architecture specification
Mar 31, 2021
STM32H7 SOM pin-out (requires registration and login)
Sep 14, 2020
STM32H7 SOM environmental specification 1A
Nov 26, 2020
STM32H7 SOM power consumption 1A Coming soon
STM32H7 SOM CE certificate 1A
May 19, 2020
STM32H7 SOM RoHS certificate 1A
Jun 1, 2020
Hardware Materials
STM32H7 SOM 3D model
(Step file)
(requires registration and login)
Nov 30, 2020
STM32H7-BSB schematics
(requires registration and login)
Nov 11, 2019
STM32H7-BSB Bill-Of-Materials (BOM)
(requires registration and login)
Nov 11, 2019
STM32H7-BSB mechanical drawing
(requires registration and login)
Nov 30, 2020
STM32H7-BSB baseboard CAD design package (Altium Designer)(requires registration and login) 1A
Nov 30, 2020



STM32H7 System-On-Module Software


Emcraft supports FreeRTOS as an operating system for the STM32H7 System-On-Module (SOM). Full source code of the FreeRTOS BSP and a demo FreeRTOS application are provided.

Customers of the Emcraft STM32H7 SOM Starter Kit may contact Emcraft to receive the release files of the STM32H7 SOM FreeRTOS BSP (Board Support Package) and the FreeRTOS software development environment.


Resources Download Version #
Release Files
Release Notes. Read this to understand features supported by this release of the product. 1.1.0
Mar 14, 2023
Software Documentation
Understanding STM32H7 SOM boot architecture
Mar 14, 2023
Building FreeRTOS
Mar 14, 2023
Installing FreeRTOS to STM32H7 SOM
Mar 23, 2023
Understanding FreeRTOS demo application
Mar 14, 2023
Running FreeRTOS command line interface
Mar 14, 2023
Running WDT in FreeRTOS
Mar 14, 2023
Controlling GPIO in FreeRTOS
Mar 14, 2023
Running timers in FreeRTOS
Mar 22, 2023

Design Kit


STM32H7 SOM Design Kit


For those customers who have successfully evaluated the STM32H7 System-On-Module and would like to proceed with designing the SOM into embedded product, Emcraft System provides the STM32H7 SOM Design Kit.

The STM32H7 SOM Design Kit is an advanced product, separate from the STM32H7 SOM Starter Kit.

The kit is comprised of the following materials and services:
  • The STM32H7 System-On-Module (SOM) schematics (PDF file only). The package is provided as an advanced hardware material allowing hardware designers to understand subtle points of the SOM implementation and interface.
  • Suggested STM32H7 SOM to baseboard mapping (Excel file). Upon purchase of the kit, you will be able to send a list of I/O requirements for your application to Emcraft. Emcraft will review and return an Excel file with recommended mapping of I/O interfaces from the SOM to your custom baseboard.
  • 1 (one) review of your custom STM32H7 SOM baseboard schematics (SOM interface section only), with detailed comments returned over email.
STM32H7 SOM Design Kit Materials Download Version # Date
STM32H7 System-On-Module (SOM) schematics (PDF format)
(requires purchase of both Starter Kit and Design Kit)
Feb 26, 2021




Ordering Info

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Pricing for the STM32H7 SOM starts at $32 per unit (32MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND Flash, no EEPROM, Industrial Temp) for MOQ (Minimal Order Quantity) of 2500 pieces. Contact Emcraft to receive detailed pricelists or place an order.

If you would like to purchase standard configuration of the STM32H7 SOM in small quantity (up to 100 units) and don't want to go through formal PO process, you can make a purchase at the Emcraft online store.

Due to market conditions, please contact us about part availability.

Part Number Description Buy Online
SOM-STM32H7-R64N128NI STM32H750 32-bit 480MHz ARM Cortex-M7, 64MB SDRAM, 128MB QSPI NAND, Industrial Temp









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