Linux BSP for Hitex LPC4350 Eval Board

The Linux BSP for the Hitex LPC4350 eval board provides a software platform for evaluation and development of Linux on the NXP Cortex-M4 based LPC4350 microcontroller. This BSP targets those customers who already have a Hitex LPC4350 eval board and would like to use that platform for evaluation and development of Linux on the LPC4350.

This is a software-only package. Please purchase the LPC4350 eval board from Hitex or its distributors.



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Linux BSP for Hitex LPC4350 Eval Board Resources Download Version # Date
Release Files
Linux LPC43XX BSP Guide for the Hitex LPC4350 Eval Board 1.12.0
May 2, 2014
Linux Cortex-M User's Manual 1.12.0
May 2, 2014

Linux LPC43XX Board Support Package (BSP) and software development environment

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Dec 13, 2013
GNU toolchain for uClinux Cortex-M3/M4 2010q1
Prebuilt Linux image ready to be loaded to the LPC4350 eval board
Dec 13, 2013
Prebuilt U-Boot image ready for installation onto to the LPC4350 eval board
Dec 13, 2013
Application Notes
Using DHCP client in U-Boot for loading Linux images via network
Nov 19, 2014
Setting the stack size for a user-space application
Oct 3 , 2013
Remote Debugging with GDB
Oct 9, 2013
Understanding what causes SEGV in an application
July 25, 2013
Building multi-threaded applications
July 25, 2013
Building C++ applications
Apr 11, 2014
Accessing I2C devices from user-space applications
Dec 11, 2012
Adding secure copy and secure shell clients to uClinux
Sep 26, 2014
Building iptables for Cortex-M based targets
Aug 13, 2013
Installing a bootable Linux image to the target board
Apr 2, 2014
Building a sample project and installing it to the target board
Oct 3, 2013
External Resources
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O'Reilly's "Linux Device Drivers"

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