Release 1.12.4 of Linux Cortex-M

Release 1.12.4 is focused on the STM32F4 SOM Starter Kit BSP and the key new feature is a Linux device driver for the USB Host interface of the STM32F429. Both USB HS (High Speed) and FS (Full Speed) interfaces are supported.

Support of the USB interface, and the built-in uClinux TCP-IP stack and wireless-tools, allows a low-cost Wi-Fi implementation. With a USB-WiFi radio dongle and the device drivers provided by Emcraft, you can turn your STM32F429 design into a Wi-Fi Access Point or connect to existing networks. Read more about this here>>

Our engineering team has published over a dozen application notes illustrating how to use uClinux to access various I/O interfaces of the STM32F429, such as UART, Ethernet RTC, GPIO, SPI, I2C, USB, Flash. Check out these application notes here>>