Release 1.9.0 of Emcraft's Linux Cortex-M

We are proud to announce that Emcraft Systems Linux Cortex-M distribution now supports Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs. In addition to introducing the new BSP, Release 1.9.0 has the following new or changed features:

  • Linux Kinetis BSPs:

    - Added an ADC device driver (ID: RT 80495);
    - Improved uClinux bootup time by optimizing U-Boot loadaddr (ID: RT 80878).
  • Linux SmartFusion BSPs:

    - Added an I2C device driver (ID: RT 80459);
    - Fixed an issue in the SPI driver that was preventing it from working properly on the A2F500 (ID: RT 71635).
  • All BSPs:

    - Removed a limitation of building the uClinux kernel with CONFIG_PRINTK disabled (ID: RT 80548);
    - Removed a workaround for booting initramfs with CONFIG_BLOCK defined
    (ID: RT 80702).

Active customers of Linux Cortex-M are invited to download Release 1.9.0 from the Emcraft web site at:

For new customers, Linux Cortex-M 1.9.0 is available for immediate purchase on-line: