Newsletter 1.2.1

Emcraft Systems Announces Availability of Release 1.2.1 of A2F-Linux

This release provides the following new features:

  • Support for run-time upgrades of the SmartFusion FPGA fabric over the IAP interface from a file stored in a Linux filesystem such as NFS or JFFS2, enabling FPGA upgrade capability for remote and/or deployed devices;
  • Explicit support for POSIX threads enabling multi-threading within a single user process, in addition to the Linux standard multiprocessing and IPCs;
  • Support for the SNMP protocol, including both agent and client roles as well as generation of asynchronous traps;
  • Support for multiple soft-IP 16550-compatible UART ports in the standard Linux serial driver providing an obvious path to implemenation of applications such as a TCP-to-UART bridge and similar;
  • Hardened kernel for handling of user-space exceptions such as: bus error faults, division by zero, unaligned access, etc.

Customers of A2F-Linux Evaluation Kit are invited to download Release 1.2.1 from the Emcraft web site at:

For new customers, A2F-Linux 1.2.1 is available for immediate purchase on-line: