Release 1.13.0 of Linux Cortex-M

We are happy to announce our first ARM Cortex-M7 development kit.

The starter kit is based on our new ST Microelectronics STM32F7 system-on-module, which combines a 200 MHz STM32F7 with 32 MB SDRAM, 16 MB NOR Flash, and an Ethernet PHY, and runs Emcraft ported uClinux.

The starter kit is priced at $159 and available for pre-order here. The STM32F7 SOM is priced at $27 in volume and can be ordered here as well.

Here is a video demonstrating Linux TCP/IP stack and networking on the STM32F7 starter kit:

Thanks to the ST’s ART Accelerator architecture and an L1 cache, uClinux running on the STM32F7 delivers a multi-fold performance increase compared to the STM32F4. The performance of the new chip is apparent when working with the QT graphics library.

Take a look at how quickly a Qt-based demo comes up to fully functional GUI with touchscreen:

Another piece of news that I wanted to share today is that we are offering closeout pricing on our remaining stock of the Microsemi SmartFusion (Cortex-M3 + FPGA) kit A2F-LNX-EVB and our NXP LPC1788 based LPC-LNX-EVB kit.  We have very few of those left and are willing to give them away into good hands for only $49 a piece. Details of this offer are here.