Release 1.14.0 of Linux Cortex-M

Release 1.14.0 of Embedded Linux is now available. Here is what’s new:

  • Linux BSP for Embedded Artists LPC4357 Dev Kit.
    Read more about this BSP here ->
  • This BSP release adds the application notes describing how to do various operations in uClinux. The list of topics includes accessing I2C devices, working with the LCD, remote debugging with GDB, building multi-threaded applications, and many more.

  • Some major enhancements and bug-fixes to the Freescale Vybrid BSP.
    The Freescale Vybrid BSP includes the changes, including support for low power mode, display of an animated splash screen during boot-up, and several important bug-fixes.

    The full list of new and changed features is here:

    • Add UART4 and UART5 platform data (ID: RT 90759);
    • Add I2C-2 platform data (ID: RT 90763);
    • Add USB gadget support for USB2 controller (ID: RT 90765);
    • Implement low power mode (ID: RT 92299);
    • Resolve defect: USB hangs on VF6 SOM after unsuccessful enumeration (ID: RT 96887);
    • Implement animated Linux splash screen (ID: RT 99506);
    • Disable broken DMA access in the MMC driver; fix slow reading in polling mode in the MMC driver (ID: RT 100432);
    • Increase reliability of system boot (ID: RT 102292);
    • Implement NAPI in FEC (ID: RT 102875);
    • Enabled ECC45, removed holes with ECC_BYPASS (ID: RT 102915);
    • Fix NAND, JFFS2 and UBIFS on Vybrid (ID: RT 102917);
    • Update the MCC library to version 1.2. (ID: RT 105360);
    • Fix MQX and Linux deadlock caused by heavy MCC traffic (ID: RT 106202);
    • Fix the scheduler issue that led to scheduling the same process all the time in some circumstances (ID: RT 106543);
    • Fix NAND bad block marking in FSL NFC (ID: RT 108775);
    • Fix the SDIO support in Vybrid (ID: RT 109217);
    • Add support for VF6-SOM-1ETH-SWITCHED (ID: RT 109432);
    • Rebuild bootargs in U-Boot on each reboot (ID: RT 110152);
    • Code cleanup, added VF6-SOM-LC support (ID: RT 110153);
    • Fix overwriting DCU driver platform init function with the default one (ID: RT 110154);
    • Add SAI3 platform data definitions (ID: RT 110156);
    • Add support for 8081 PHY; add support for VF6-SOM-LC (ID: RT 110157);
    • Add support for UART3 in the IOT-KIT (ID: 110158);
    • Fix a bug in the iomux SPEED bits definition (ID: RT 110159).