New SmartFusion2-based board for industrial applications

NetFusion is a commercially supported Nano-ITX form-factor PCB, suitable for evaluation or deployment, based on Emcraft's SmartFusion2 SOM architecture. This board was developed by our UK partner, Nine Ways R&D, to address the needs of our Industrial customers. This board can fit into a 1u rack, has high voltage isolation, lots of industrial connectors, EMC/EMI isolation, and is wide-voltage tolerant. NetFusion will be sold as both a Development Kit, and also in volume as a deployable board. Further details include:

  • Compatible with the same Emcraft SOM used on Microsemi's SF2-STARTER-KITs
  • 1 x USB FL232 Hardware for PC communication and debugging
  • 1 x USB ULPI OTG connectivity to fabric IP core
  • Legacy RS232, RS485, 2 x Voltage Free Relays (capable of handling mains a.c. 230V through contacts)
  • 1 x Stereo Line IN, 1 x Line OUT Audio Jacks DAC/ADC to/from ARM
  • Analog monitored contacts (ACI) visible to ARM for voltage reading / digital signaling / environmental monitoring
  • SPI / I2C / GPIO header for user customized attachments and future expansion
  • LCD 16 x 2 Alpha-Numeric header interfaces to allow for user display information and 3 x buttons visible to the ARM core
  • Full PCB voltages supervisor for the application software to collate and process
  • On-board Temperature Sensor for monitoring and diagnostics purposes read by the ARM core
  • Compatible with Bench Top and Industrial Environments
  • 9-24v input with transient surge protection
Click here for more information on the board and Nine Ways.

For more information on Emcraft and SmartFusion2, please follow this link.