CAN & QSPI Flash in uClinux for STM32H7-EVAL

October 4, 2023

Two new add-ons are now available for the STM32H7-EVAL uClinux BSP:

  • The CAN (Controller Area Network) module — providing support for the CAN device driver and the CANSocket package
  • The QSPI Flash module — allowing the Linux kernel and root filesystem to be stored in and loaded on boot-up from the QSPI Flash, and also providing an interface for accessing the QSPI Flash from user-space applications.
  • The STM32H7-EVAL BSP is based on the Linux kernel v.6.1.28 — aligning with the latest ST baseline for the MMU-full MPUs and bringing along the latest codebase of device drivers and communication stacks.

    We also support the ELF file format and shared libraries with uClinux — providing smaller memory footprint and ability to run more complex apps on lower-cost hardware.

    If you have the STM32H7-EVAL board, there is a pre-built Linux demo available for free download that you can try on your board in just a few minutes. Check it out here:

    Full documentation and application notes are on this page: