Booting Firmware from USB Serial Downloader Print


NOTE: For the IMX8M-SOM-BSB rev 1A board, the hardware work-around #19 from this list must be applied to the board.

NOTE: The SD card slot must be empty to avoid booting from SD card due to  the "SD/MMC manufacture mode" feature of  the i.MX8M.

Use the procedure documented below to boot the U-Boot firmware from the USB Serial Downloader:

  1. Download and unpack the tarball with the prebuilt bootable Linux images from the Emcraft site:
  2. $ tar xvfj images-imx8m-beta6.tar.bz2 ... imx-boot-imx8m-som-sd.bin ... $

  3. Download the Manufacturing Tool from NXP website, under Tools/Manufacturing Tools/Linux/
    Manufacturing Toolkit
    for Linux L4.9.51 i.MX8MQuad GA.
  4. Unpack the archive located inside L4.9.51_8mq-ga_mfg-tools.tar.gz to an arbitrary directory on a Windows machine (for simplicity, the directory is referenced as d:\mfgtools below).
  5. Open the d:\mfgtools\Drivers\iMX_BulkIO_Driver directory of the unpacked archive in Explorer, click with right button on imxusb.inf and choose Install in the popup menu.
  6. Copy the imx-boot-imx8m-som-sd.bin boot image from the tarball with the prebuilt bootable Linux images to d:\mfgtools\Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\firmware\.
  7. Add the following text to the end of d:\mfgtools\Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\ucl2.xml before the last statement:
  8. <LIST name="uboot" desc="boot u-boot"> <CMD state="BootStrap" type="boot" body="BootStrap" file = "firmware/imx-boot-imx8m-som-sd.bin" ifdev="MX8MQ">Loading U-boot</CMD> <CMD state="BootStrap" type="jump" > Boot U-boot. </CMD> </LIST>

  9. Modify the [LIST] section in d:\mfgtools\cfg.ini as follows:
  10. [LIST] name = uboot

  11. Make sure no bootable SD card is installed in the card slot on the IMX8M-SOM-BSB board.
  12. Set the S1.1 and S1.2 boot switches to the ON and OFF positions, respectively.
  13. Connect the J12 connector of the IMX8M-SOM-BSB to the Windows host with a USB Type-C cable.
  14. On the host, run d:\mfgtools\MfgTool2.exe and click the Start button in the application GUI.
  15. The system will boot to the U-Boot prompt:
  16. U-Boot 2017.03-00872-g21de0e6 (Apr 05 2018 - 16:53:39 +0300) CPU: Freescale i.MX8MQ rev2.0 1500 MHz (running at 1000 MHz) CPU: Commercial temperature grade (0C to 95C) at 49C Reset cause: POR Model: Emcraft i.MX8M SOM LPDDR4 DRAM: 1 GiB MMC: FSL_SDHC: 0, FSL_SDHC: 1 In: serial Out: serial Err: serial Net: eth0: ethernet@30be0000 Normal Boot Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0 u-boot=>