Understanding Royale API Print


Refer to the Royale API documentation for detailed information on the various software APIs provided by the Royale TOF camera framework to Linux userspace applications on the Emcraft i.MX 8M Mini SOM.

Additionally, the Emcraft software distribution integrates the PMD Royale documentation files in the Yocto SDK. Once you install the SDK on the development Linux host, the PMD documentation can be found at the following location:


PMD uses a tool called Doxygen that generates documentation to HTML files. This is the view of the Royale package with pointers to the Royale API documentation files:

├── API_Documentation.html   <--- This is the API homepage
├── bin/
├── doc/                     <--- Auxiliary .html files get placed here
├── include/
├── royale_license.txt
├── RoyaleViewer.pdf
├── samples/
├── share/
├── ThirdPartySoftware.txt
└── toolchain/