Using Sunny MTP006 Camera Print

Sunny MTP006 Camera

The i.MX 8M Mini tof kit comes configured to support the Sunny MTP006 camera. The camera connects to the kit through the MIPI-CSI2 dual-lane interface and provides an easy way to bring visual input into the i.MX 8M Mini. The camera is based on the Infineon IRS2381C chip, which includes a high performance pixel array that is highly sensitive to 940 nm infrared light and provides unbeaten outdoor performance. The unique performance under all environmental light conditions – from bright sunlight to dim light and shadow – is possible thanks to the patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) circuitry in every pixel.

Connecting Sunny MTP006 Camera

To connect the Sunny MTP006 camera to the kit, plug the camera cable into the P2 ("CSI") connector on the HGI board. The following picture illustrates connection of the camera to the kit:

Streaming Video to HDMI Display

The tof kit software image comes prepackaged with the Royaleviewer software which can be used for live streaming of the Sunny MTP006 camera data to a display connected to the HDMI port of the kit. The Royaleviewer is started automatically upon kit boot and is ready for use. Additionally, the Royaleviewer can be launched manually from the Weston desktop launcher panel: