NAVQ+ Smart Camera Platform Print


This page provides a detailed description of the Arcturus Smart Camera platform using the Emcraft NAVQ+ (i.MX 8M Plus SOM and embedded computer).

Hardware Platform

The following items are needed:

  • NAVQ+ kit;
  • MIPI-CSI Google Camera connected to the MIPI-CSI2 connector of the NAVQ+;
  • NAVQ+ connected to LAN via WiFi link;
  • A separate PC or notebook connected to the same LAN via Ethernet or WiFi.

Software Platform

The following is the high-level architecture of the Smart Camera software platform:

  • NAVQ+ kits runs embedded Linux, Emcraft release 1.1.5 or higher:
  • Release 1.1.5 or higher has the Docker capability integrated. The Arcturus Bring Vision and Edge AI stack must be pulled onto the NAVQ+ using the Docket. Refer to the installation instructions, below.
  • The host machine provides a host side analytics / control UI, using the Web browser interface. A Windows, Linux or iOS desktop computer, or even a smartphone, can be used as the host.

Installing Brinq to NAVQ+

Step through the procedure documented by Arcturus to install the Brinq stack to the NAVQ+:

Running Bring

It is sufficient to just type in the IP address of the NAVQ+ WiFi interface into the host web browser to get connected to the Bring target from the host-side analytics UI.