Measuring the SmartFusion2 Core Current (VCC1V2 net) on the M2S-FG484 Starter Kit Print


In order to measure the SmartFusion2 core current (VCC1V2 net) on the M2S-FG484 Starter Kit, do the following:

  1. Remove R46 on the M2S-FG484 SOM board.
  2. Depending on a used tool, do one of the following:

    • Using a voltmeter: Solder a current sense resistor on the R46 pads. Resistor value must be no higher than 0.1 Ohm. Connect the voltmeter to TP1 (+) and TP2 (-).
    • Using an amperemeter: Connect the amperemeter securily to the R46 pads or the test points TP1 (+) and TP2 (-).