Setting up the STM32F7 SOM in Bare-metal Firmware Print

Emcraft emphasizes Linux, in its uClinux form, as the operating system for the STM32F7 System-On-Module. Most of our customers do use Linux in their applications running on the STM32F7 SOM.

That having been said, the STM32F7 SOM is a generic platform that can be used to run other RTOSes or even bare-metal firmware. To those of our customers who would like to run bare-metal firmware on the STM32F7 SOM, we recommend using the U-Boot firmware monitor as a reference and starting point. The full U‑Boot source is included in the STM32F7 SOM Linux Board Support Package (BSP) and Software Development Environment archive provided in the Software tab.

One question that frequently comes us is how to set the SDRAM up in bare-metal firmware. Refer to the memory initialization code at u‑boot/board/emcraft/stm32f7-som/board.c, dram_init() for the U-Boot implementation of the SDRAM set-up.

In addition to that, one of our customers has ported the STmicro STMCubeMX project to the STM32F7 SOM, at least to the extent where SDRAM is available, and gracioulsy shared his code with us. We share this code on an "as-is" basis. Download the STMCubeMX project from here.