Running Animated Set of .jpg Images on Display Print


The application note explains how run a set of .jpg images in a video-like mode under uClinux. It makes use of the fbv utility, which you need to install to a file system mounted on the target. The sample session below makes the utilitiy available to the target via an NFS share, although you can of course just install it to the root file system or copy it to the target in some way.

Do the following:

  • On the development host, cut a video file into a set of JPEG files:
  • mkdir images
    cd images
    ffmpeg -i /tmp/video.avi -r 30 -f image2 image-%07d.jpg

  • On the target, feed the .jpg files to fbv, via an NFS share, with the minimal supported delay of 1/10 second:
  • /mnt/nfs/ --delay 1 /mnt/nfs/images/image-00000??.jpg

You should see an animated set of .jpg images shown in a video-like fashion on the connected display.